Meet our Research Team and follow along with what they are working on!

Meet The Team


Shivani Shukla

Shivani Shukla is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow in Bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego. Her interests lie at the intersection of nanotechnology and neuroscience, specifically in creating electrical recording technologies for the brain. She has conducted research in labs across the world, including at Nagoya University in Japan, at the Technion in Israel, and at Carnegie Mellon. Shivani coordinates the research team, which originated at the NJ Governor's School of Engineering and Technology at Rutgers University in 2020.


Hemil Patel

Hemil Patel is a senior at Eastern Regional High School. He is developing more effective and accessible masks by researching whether copper’s antiviral properties could be utilized in a home-based procedure. He has helped program a MATLAB simulation to model the effects of fortified masks on a sample population. Hemil hopes to study chemical or biomedical engineering in college.


Isabella Dunn

Isabella Dunn is a senior at Moorestown Friends School who hopes to pursue Biomedical engineering in college. She specializes in researching adjustments to fit and filtration of homemade masks and testing their effects through home-based procedures. Bella has created multiple at home procedures utilizing household aerosols to test the fit and filtration efficiency of various masks.


Sydney Yan

Sydney Yan is a senior at Biotechnology H.S. As a member of the research team, Sydney focuses on the chemical aspects of the project. She has been investigating potential approaches to copper isolation, and helped optimize a pandemic simulation in MATLAB. She hopes to study biomedical engineering in the future. In the past, she has conducted organic chemistry research at Monmouth University and an independent study on microplastics.