Comfortable, reusable, N95 masks are available today off-the-shelf for non-medical essential workers

These masks both protect the wearer and others to prevent the spread of Coronavirus 


Better masks  are available today off-the-shelf that offer N95 level filtration needed to protect the wearer against the droplets and aerosols that carry Coronavirus.

Find available for purchase from the manufacturer or retailer,

1. Reviewed and approved N95 level filtration masks

2. Masks we've reviewed that don't make the highest level N95 filtration approval

3. Make -at-homeN95 level masks, along with accessories for fit and additional high level filtration. 

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The Mentor Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our mentors are experts in science, technology, engineering, the arts, mathematics, business, and law. The Mask the World Team is comprised of expert mentors, graduate and high school students.  We've partnered with the non-profit, Reach Shirati, to expand our reach into Tanzania.  This team has also partnered with Harvard and Stanford for our research. We've partnered with Journal of Health Design, a peer reviewed journal, to publish research and findings from our "mask-a-thons". 


Our team works to research efficacy of fabrics, (materials are tested by students and in the lab at Stanford University). We hold "mask-a-thons" to test diy fabric and respirator options. Students have created a "cook book" of diy mask options for the website based on testing each "recipe".  Our team partnered with Harvard to test their diy reusable respirator.  The team has raised funds to send more than 550 masks to an underserved school district in the United States, and has raised money and created masks to serve communities in Tanzania, through the partnership with Reach Shirati.  Our mentors have written peer reviewed articles, the team has been interviewed for BRIC television, and students are encouraged to publish their work in peer reviewed journals, present in podcasts, and on television.


We've discovered there is a large community of educators, scientists, engineers, technology experts, an d corporate professionals who have thought about mentoring but never knew where to start. The Mask the World  Team fills that gap by inviting the very best and brightest to a place where they leave an indelible legacy for generations to come while providing valuable knowledge and world change in the present.  

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